Colt48 Magnetron sputtering coating equipment multifunction






The Colt 4828 is a Small-batch, fast-cycle sputtering system designed to maximize production. It produces in rates that can synchronize with injection molding machines to optimize your throughput potential.

It has a single-chamber, double-door design for increased productivity and versatility. A typical 3.5 minute cycle includes in-chamber pretreatment, sputtering and topcoat. The result is an unsurpassed, highly uniform, high quality coating.

High Power Processes – Only Mustang Vacuum Systems Patented High Power Magnetron Cathodes have achieved the level of reliability and performance required for High Power processes. Patented target clamping, cathode cooling and magnetic array design allow for sputtering rates that are 50% higher than our competitors with an unmatched maximum power density of 500 watts per square inch.

High Power PVD Magnetron Sputtering – Up to six, Mustang Patented, 6” x 54” cathodes can be configured with a range of power configurations to provide the optimal platform for small batch fast cycle sputtering.

Our optimal system layout provides a robust, easy to maintain, compact solution.

It's fast, flexible, easy to use, and available in multiple languages. The Colt 48 offers network compatibility, onboard diagnostics, and a multi-user system interface that is simple to learn and operate.

The Mustang Colt 48 is the leading choice for automotive lighting. It produces High power, bright white aluminum with exceptional reflectance and uniform coverage to high aspect ratio (deep pocket parts), perfect for the latest LED Designs.

  • Mustang Plascoat™ for unparalleled performance meeting all forward lighting specifications and testing.Humidity - 240 hours @ relative humidity 40° C
  • Salt Spray Test - ASTM B 117, 96 hours
  • Water Immersion Test - Distilled Water, 96 hours
  • Caustic> – 10 minute total immersion in 1% KOH or NaOH solution
  • Adhesion - ASTM D3359


  • 28″ x 48″ Coating Area
  • Quick Change Fixturing
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Networking Compatible
  • Desiccant Venting Standard
  • Reactive Sputtering
  • Plasma Pre-Treatment
  • Single to six cathodes configurations