TRIBO Series Arc / magnetron sputtering multifunctional coating equipment


Chamber Options – Mustang's highly configurable solutions start with a chamber selection based on the number of sources. Up to 8 deposition positions can be configured with a range of deposition sources and power configurations.

Mustang's systems can be configured to comprise either dedicated single deposition techniques or alternatively by combining deposition methodologies hybrid solutions with up to 8 different deposition methodologies.Standard coating area of 24inch or 48inch height by 24-38inch diameter with single rotation or multiple planetary rotation.

System Platform – This highly configurable product group enables a wide range of tribological process configurations and simplicity for upgrade or retrofit for future applications. The base system incorporates all of the industrial design features that has made Mustang Vacuum Systems successful across a number of industries.

  • Recipe driven industrial control platform with touch screen industrial PC interface.
  • Proven industrial system design for ergonomic maintenance and high uptime
  • High uptime solution utilizing tier 1 component suppliers with global support
  • Single or dual door design with integrated tooling to maximize production capacity


  • Double skinned, stainless steel, water jacketed chamber construction.
  • Quick removal shielding and planetary turntable design.
  • 3-fold planetary rotation substrate turntable.
  • Multiple shielded radiant elements for substrate heating with thermocouple feedback to supply allowing temperature monitoring & control upto maximum substrate temperature of 600°C.
  • 2 x DC & AC linear glow discharge arrays for plasma pre-treatment, ion assisted deposition or PACVD top-coat.
  • Flexible single (1) to six (6) individually shuttered cathode positions available for a variety of sputter, evaporation & PACVD deposition sources including:
    • Patented high power density (upto 30Wcm -2 ), unbalanced or balanced magnetrons for DC, Pulsed DC, AC, RF & HIPIMS Sputter operation.
    • Rectangular & circular 80-200A Steered Arc evaporation cathodes.
    • Hot Filament, pulsed DC, AC and RF PACVD.
    • Thermal and electron-beam evaporation.
    • DC, pulsed DC, AC or RF substrate bias voltage delivery for tailored ion assisted growth.
  • Standard rectangular cathode sizes of 6 x 30 inch & 6 x 54 inch (others on request).
  • PLC / Windows PC control with integrated color touch screen. Multiple user selected recipes available from the HMI, with nearly infinite recipe storage on the host PC. Network/Modem accessible for remote “real time” diagnostic runs or process monitoring.
  • Multiple mass flow controllers (typically Ar, N2, CxHy, O2 & spare) for working & reactive gas delivery and purge control.
  • Desiccant venting as standard.